Product Collection: A Guide to Create Product Collections in Hyper Inventory

Product Collection: A Guide to Create Product Collections in Hyper Inventory

In order to enhance the shopping experience and keep customers more engaged businesses put together a set of a products for sale or any offer which applies on those exact set of products. 'Product Collections' feature of Hyper Inventory allows you to organize and present a set of related products based on their similar themes, categories and purposes.

What is Product Collection?

Product Collections are carefully chosen groups of linked goods or products intended to emphasize particular themes, classifications, or objectives. They play a crucial role in marketing strategies and are frequently employed in marketing campaigns, sales events, and seasonal promotions to draw in customers and increase sales.

Product Collections seek to encourage customers to consider making future purchases by grouping related items, such as the products that are on sale.

In this blog, we will see how to utilize the 'Product Collections' feature in Hyper Inventory.

  1. Go to Products option on the top bar and select 'Product Collections' from the drop down menu.

2. Click on the 'Add a Product Collection' button on the right hand side.

3. Insert all the required information like 'Collection Image', 'Collection Name', 'Description' and click on 'Submit' button.

4. Your 'Product Collection' is now created in your list. Clicking on its name, allows you to view the details of the Collection.

5. You can modify the collection details using the 'Edit' button.

'Edit' and Assign product

6. Under 'Products' Section of the collection, you can assign products to your created collection from 'Assign Products' button.

Assign Products

7.  Choosing products for a particular collection involves searching, filtering by brands, and selecting items by ticking their checkboxes to add them to the collection and click 'Submit' button.

Selection of Products

8. The chosen products have been included in the collection. To rearrange the collection, use the eight dots to drag and rearrange the items.

Rearrange the Products

With this simple step-by-step guide, you can smoothly create and manage 'Product Collections' on Hyper Inventory, which provides customer with an engaging and organized shopping experience.

Utilizing the 'Product Collections' feature in Hyper Inventory offers several benefits for businesses aiming to enhance the shopping experience and drive sales. Here's why product collections are valuable:

  1. Thematic Presentation: Product collections allow businesses to group related items together based on themes, categories, or objectives. This thematic presentation makes it easier for customers to discover products that align with their interests or needs, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  2. Focused Marketing: By creating product collections, businesses can execute focused marketing strategies, such as seasonal promotions, sales events, or themed campaigns. These collections serve as curated selections of products that are strategically presented to attract customer attention and drive conversions.
  3. Cross-Selling Opportunities: Product collections enable businesses to cross-sell complementary items by grouping them together. For example, a collection of "Outdoor Adventure Essentials" may include hiking boots, backpacks, and camping gear, encouraging customers to purchase multiple items from the collection.
  4. Increased Customer Engagement: Curated product collections can pique customer interest and encourage exploration of the product catalog. By presenting products in a visually appealing and organized manner, businesses can keep customers engaged and inspire them to browse further, leading to higher levels of interaction and potential purchases.
  5. Seasonal and Trend-Based Merchandising: Businesses can leverage product collections to showcase seasonal or trend-based merchandise. Whether it's a collection of "Summer Must-Haves" or "Holiday Gift Ideas," these curated selections help businesses capitalize on seasonal trends and capitalize on customer preferences.
  6. Simplified Product Discovery: Product collections streamline the product discovery process for customers by presenting curated selections of items that meet specific criteria or themes. Instead of sifting through a large product catalog, customers can easily find relevant products within curated collections, saving time and effort.
  7. Enhanced Visual Appeal: Well-designed product collections enhance the visual appeal of an online store and create a more immersive shopping experience. By showcasing products in curated collections with attractive images and descriptive titles, businesses can capture customer attention and drive engagement.
  8. Upselling Opportunities: In addition to cross-selling, product collections also present upselling opportunities for businesses. By grouping products of varying price points or features together, businesses can encourage customers to consider higher-value options within the collection, leading to increased order values and revenue.
  9. Flexible Merchandising: Product collections offer flexibility in merchandising, allowing businesses to create and update collections based on changing trends, promotions, or customer preferences. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt their merchandising strategy to capitalize on opportunities and optimize sales performance.

In conclusion, leveraging the 'Product Collections' feature in Hyper Inventory enables businesses to create curated selections of products that enhance the shopping experience, drive customer engagement, and increase sales opportunities. By strategically organizing and presenting related items, businesses can effectively showcase their product offerings and inspire customers to make informed purchasing decisions.