So by now, we have understood the primary information of the product and we have also seen why it is necessary to add product attributes and how we can easily add them to Hyper inventory. Today we will talk about the secondary information of the product.

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What is product secondary information?

The secondary information is the information that the customer did not see before but this customer is able to make a confirmed decision with the help of this secondary information. Whether he needs this product or not. On the basis of this information, you can reach your product to the right customer and give them full details about your product. So today we are going to understand all these product specifications.

Types of Product Information.

1. Product secondary Information 2. Specification of Product 3. Assets of Product 4. Features of Product 5. Downloadable Assets of Product

How to add product secondary information?

1. Tags 2. Highlights 3. Short Description 4. Detailed Description 5. Item in the box

How to manage Tags?

Whenever you browse a product, we have to know which is the best selling product on this website or which products have been given high ratings by the customers or what are the products which have just been launched on the website.
To understand this, let's take an example when you come to Imaginext's website, on this website the new arrival tag appears on this product right?. By this tag, you understand that this product has just been launched.

When you put this tag on the product you will see this product in new arrival as below.

What is Highlights?

Like the product shown in the image, you can also mention the highlights of the products.

You can add more than one highlight to the product. In the highlights, you can put every selling or attracting point that the customer will be attracted to see.

What is a Short description?

You see a box to add a short description. The short description comes in handy when your customer is viewing your product.
For example, what is this product for, what type of customer is it for and why should I buy it? You have to write all this information in one or two sentences.

What is a Detailed description?

The detailed description basically helps you to tell the customer about your product in detail. This allows your customers to understand your product better. And from this, the customer can make a decision.
For example, whenever you go to the shops, you ask some questions while buying a product. And you expect answers to all the questions and at the same time want to understand the product in detail. So that you can make the right decision.

What is an Item in the box?

Now let's talk about the Item in the Box. Let's say you are buying a product, for example, a mobile phone. So you obviously want to know what else will come with the phone.
Like the phone's charging cable, the earphone's manual or anything else. So you can mention all these details here, all these pieces of details are also important. So we have seen what and how there are sections in Secondary Information.

Why you should add Specification of Product?

Let's talk about the Specification. Whenever you see your product, for example, a smartphone, you check what its screen size is, how much its memory is, how much its RAM is, how much its camera resolution is, how much its battery life is.
Such information can be of many types.

That's why we don't add all the information to the filters. All the main questions of the customer are answered with the specification of the product. Which helps the customer to make a purchase decision.

How to manage the assets of products?

1. Images 2. Videos

How to manage images of products?

Featured Image:
The Featured image is the one that is always shown in the primary details. These images are being displayed on this website along with the main features of this product.

Simple Image:
This image option is available to explain the product parts in detail with the images.

How to manage videos of products?

Let's talk about video as an asset of the products. You know that nowadays we understand many things just by watching videos.
For example, nowadays a lot of influencers and celebrities make video product reviews, and in that video, they mention all about products, like why to buy these products and what's the feature of it which helps the customer indirectly. So, basically, you can put videos of the product here for the customer. To add a video here, you have to enter the URL of the video. You can add more than one video here.

How to manage features of products?

To add features of the product click on features and click add features. To edit click on the edit option next to the feature. To remove click on the delete option
For example, there is a camera and if you want to tell the feature of that camera especially, then you can mention its description and image separately.

What are downloadable assets?

Downloadable assets contain files that can be downloaded by the buyer. They contain files such as Catalog, Price List, User Manual, etc.

So we hope you have understood what kind of information a customer needs to understand a product in a better way and how that information helps the customer to make a purchase decision