Integrating Shiprocket with HyperInventory for Seamless Shipping

Integrating Shiprocket with HyperInventory for Seamless Shipping

Shiprocket is a logistics and shipping platform that facilitates e-commerce businesses in India by providing shipping solutions, order tracking, and other related services. Integrating Shiprocket typically refers to connecting this platform with an your webstore to streamline and automate the shipping and logistics processes.

Benefits of Configuring Shiprocket Integration with HyperInventory:

  1. Streamlined Shipping Process: Integrating Shiprocket with HyperInventory streamlines the shipping process for e-commerce businesses. It automates various aspects of shipping, including order processing, label generation, and courier selection, saving time and effort for businesses.
  2. Access to Multiple Courier Services: Shiprocket provides access to a wide range of courier services, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable options based on factors such as cost, delivery time, and coverage area. Integration with HyperInventory enables businesses to easily compare and select courier services that best meet their shipping needs.
  3. Improved Order Fulfillment Efficiency: With Shiprocket integration, businesses can automate order fulfillment tasks such as order processing, label generation, and dispatch scheduling. This automation improves order fulfillment efficiency, reducing processing times and ensuring timely delivery of orders to customers.
  4. Real-Time Order Tracking: Shiprocket integration provides real-time order tracking capabilities, allowing businesses and customers to track the status and location of orders throughout the shipping process. This transparency enhances the customer experience and reduces inquiries related to order status.
  5. Cost Savings: By leveraging Shiprocket's negotiated rates and bulk shipping discounts, businesses can save on shipping costs compared to individual courier bookings. Integration with HyperInventory enables businesses to access these cost-saving benefits and optimize their shipping expenses.

Integrate Shiprocket in Hyperinventory :

Step 1: Go to settings and click on "Shipment Integration"

Shipment Integrations

Step 2: Click on the "Set Up Now" button.

Set Up Shiprocket

Step 3: Add the Shiprocket Details:

  • Add the "API User Email ID"
  • Add the "API User Password" & click on Submit Button

Shiprocket will be integrated.


In conclusion, integrating Shiprocket with HyperInventory offers a plethora of benefits for e-commerce businesses in India. By streamlining the shipping process, providing access to multiple courier services, and improving order fulfillment efficiency, this integration enhances operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The real-time order tracking feature ensures transparency and reduces inquiries, while the cost-saving benefits contribute to optimizing expenses. Following the simple steps outlined for integrating Shiprocket in HyperInventory empowers businesses to harness these advantages seamlessly. With Shiprocket integration, businesses can effectively navigate the complexities of logistics and shipping, ultimately driving growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape of India.