By now you must have understood the types of the product and also got an idea of why it is important to assign their variants. If you have any problem with product types, you can refer to the product types.

Now in this blog, we are going to see about brands. Through this blog, you will be able to understand how your business can benefit by mentioning the name of the brand and how you can reach your customer.

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What is Brand?

We are sure you already know the importance of brands. On any e-commerce platform, mentioning the brand is very helpful and using the brand we can properly map and track any product.

Now let us understand brands. Whenever a customer buys any product, he or she first checks its brand right?

1. Each brand has its own identity, it has its own logo.

2. With the help of a brand name and logo, any business can create its own brand presentation.

3. With the help of brands, you can also build and maintain a very good relationship with the customer.

For example,

If we talk about technology, then one of the top companies is Apple. If any customer sees the logo of Apple on any product, then he or she will easily understand which company's product it is.

So let's say that you sell some products on your platform, and if you do not mention the brands of the product, then the customer will not be able to recognize from which brand that product is.

Instead of that if you mention the name of the brands, you can tell the customer that you sell products of this type of brand, and you can brag about it.

How brands help the business owner to make smart decisions?

When you take out the report from the Hyper inventory and you have to make a business decision, then first of all you see how much profit or loss you have made and, accordingly, you take business decisions, right?

So whenever you assign brands or assign categories, then you can see,

1. Which brand is performing well?

2. Which brands have run out of inventory?

With all the information in front of your eyes, you can make a smart decision, so it is important that you build a good relationship between the product and the brand.

How to add brands in Hyper Inventory?

To add brands, first, go to the brand's tab in hyper inventory

Select the Add Brand card to add a new brand.

Then add the name and logo of the brand.

If you add the logo of the brand, then it will be visible on your web store.

The brand name is important because it makes your product more attractive, and by doing this you can make the customer's job easier. Now you have understood that by mentioning the brand name, not only your customer, but you should also make business decisions which is a great benefit for your business.

Now whenever you will add any product to Hyper inventory, then first check whether the brand name of that product is mentioned or not, if not, then first of all add that brand to Hyper inventory and then assign the product to that brand.