In this blog, we are going to see about " Sales channels " Through this blog, you will be able to understand how your business can benefit by mentioning the right "Sales channels" and how you can reach your customer.

When you are managing the "Hyper inventory", then you will see one term constantly, whether you are adding products, whether you are making sales orders, whether you are extracting reports, i.e., Sales channels, this term will be visible to you everywhere.

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What is Sales Channels?

So what is the meaning of these "Sales channels"? Perhaps you must have got an idea from the name itself that this would be some way to make sales. If told accurately, Hyper inventory helps you in selling products in both offline and online ways. This means that you can be able to manage your physical store or an online store on the hyper inventory.

Whether you are selling a single brand product on your website, you are selling multiple brand products or maybe you have created a website for any other brand, you can use Hyper inventory to manage all these platforms.

1. You can also connect with the " Dealer " through hyper inventory cause the dealer's app is connected with the Hyper inventory.

2. If you want to sell your products on an online platform like Tata Cliq, Amazon, Flipkart etc then you can easily sell your products on these platforms with the help of Hyper inventory.

3. You can also connect the " Sales team " with Hyper inventory cause the sales app is also connected with the Hyper inventory.

So as we have seen dealer apps, sales app, online web stores and physical stores these are sales channels only. Now you can decide on which sales channel you want to sell the product to.

How Sales Channels helps business owners to make a smart decision?

Like we also saw in brands, before taking any decision about the sales channel, first of all, you should see,

1. Which sales channel is giving more profit?

2. Which sales channel is not growing, whether Flipkart is giving more revenue, whether Amazon or your dealers are buying more products.

3. Whether selling is more on your online web store?

4. If we talk about physical stores, then which city's store gives associated sales, Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune?

Your every business decision depends on your sales channel.

For example,

1. Where will your product be sold?

2. How will you manage offers on any product?

3. Maybe you are running some offers for retailers, but you don't want to display this offer on the web store. Then you can also manage this from Hyper inventory.

So if seen, a sales channel means that whatever place you choose in the physical world to sell your product, that is what we call a sales channel.

Hyper inventory helps you to convert the physical world digitally and manage every sales channel.